Grants & Awards

Funding Sources and Grants

CARAML Lab would like to thank NSF, Adobe, Google, and UT Dallas startup funds for providing support!! Thank you!!

  1. NSF Medium Award # 2106937: Collaborative Research: RI: Medium: Submodular Information Functions with Applications to Machine Learning. Funding Amount: $599,594.00.

  2. Adobe Data Science Award: Subset Selection for Compute-Efficient Language Model Pretraining, Funding Amount: $50,000

  3. Gift Funding from Google on Continuous learning. Funding Amount: $30,000.00.

  4. Gift Funding from Adobe on Targeted Learning for Object Detection. Funding Amount: $10,000.00

  5. UT Dallas Startup Funds

  6. Microsoft Ph.D. Fellowship Award, 2014 (during my PhD): $60,000 (over two years)

  7. Facebook PhD. Fellowship Award (Declined in Favor of Microsoft): $30,000 (one year).